Saturday, 14 June 2014

Showreel Pack

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am not the one in charge of creating the full showreel containing everyone's full pieces of work. That task was given to Rob; a teacher at the college. For consistencies sake we thought it important to develop a theme and identity that would be present across all media created for the show. I would be creating the showreel's 30 second intro and another piece to project onto the floor.

To create a sense of cohesion throughout all the projected media I set about creating a pack that would contain all the show's branding identity. I picked out a font family to use, a logo that Jess created and a I also created a set of lower thirds animations. They were based off the stings I posted about earlier. I placed all of these assets within a folder that contained an After Effects composition. That way when I uploaded that folder to Dropbox and set it to Rob it would all link up and the AE composition could be opened at his end and function the same way as when I last saved it. This is the folder I sent to him:

And this is the contents of the folder:

This folder contained everything needed to manipulate the assets and animations I created for the lower third sequences. I created various compositions at different levels that could each be edited to create different lower thirds. All the animations were already done and ready to go. All that Rob would have to do it add the names of each of the students and render out the sequence. The font and sound assets were all positioned in the correct file paths from the AE file so all he'd have to do was open it and hopefully everything will be linked and functional. 

After sending it to him he said there weren't any major issues and everything worked fine. The lower thirds were quick and easy to edit and everything worked as expected. The one hiccup is that I had forgotten to link one of the sound asset files and place it in the pack but it wasn't very important as it was for stings Rob wasn't needing to use anyway. The main one had all the sound assets in place and that's all he wanted to use so overall, a successful process!

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