Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Deciding Upon a Name

This turned out to be more of an undertaking than originally thought. We thought that we could all just write suggestions up on the board and within an hour or two we'd have a solid name and concept and could move onto planning in more detail a graphic style and themes. As it turns out it actually took the whole day and caused quite a debate within the class. We started with a board full of names with a lot of suggestions along the lines of "Sub-pixel" and so on. There seemed to be a divide in the group. Half wanted to go down a playful, fun, jokey route. The other down a more professional, cohesive, encompassing route. The jokey route suggesting the name "RGB". RGB being an acronym for Really God Bullshit.

I was on the latter side with Sub-pixel and the more professional direction. It quickly became apparent we needed quite a broad name that could be made to sound professional and be broad enough to cover everything we do on the course yet be made to look and feel more playful and informal. I didn't want to compromise too much however, because at the end of the day this show is meant to market the students to clients and agencies showing off our work and achievements. Naming the show "Really Good Bullshit" puts out an extraordinarily poor message.

After ALOT of deliberation and debating with varying levels of engagement and participation from the group we narrowed it down to two names. "RGB" and "Dots Per Inch". RGB was no longer an acronym and would just be the letters. Dots Per Inch was my suggestion to the group and so naturally I was behind that name 100%. It ended up being pretty much a 50/50 split down the class. Half preferring Dots Per Inch and the other half preferring RGB. We came up with the idea of giving it a few days. Everyone could go off and create some logo/poster designs to get their vision for the name across to persuade the others. I will cover the outcome and my contribution in the next post.

Final Second Year Project - End of Year Show

As the second year draws to a close there is one final project on the table. We have been tasked to design and manage our end of year show. This includes coming up with a name, a theme, curating the work, designing the space, creating showreels etc. It is quite a major undertaking. We are going to work together as a group, each person managing a certain section of the project. Delegating tasks and roles within the group is another task needing to be tackled early on. 

I am excited to try and design something we are proud of and work together to create a strong brand identity. From what I've heard and seen the previous shows have been quite successful although it seems as though the students took more of a back seat. They had input however, it was largely influencing the branding and theme. The actual curation, running and logistics of the show were managed by the teaching staff. Hopefully, we can work together and create something more cohesive and successful than any of the shows before it!

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