Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Pitch

Yesterday I pitched my ideas for the book cover project to the class. It is a great opportunity to collate a general consensus the quality of my early concepts and whether or not I am heading in the right direction. I also find it very helpful to solidify the choices I have made in my mind and really justify to myself every aspect of my designs. This allows me to really hone in on the themes and emotions I wish to convey and how best to do so. I always find it a really helpful and fulfilling experience creating these pitches as I have time to sit down and really think about why I chose a certain typeface or why the colour scheme works well towards fitting the brief. It also allows me to create a more fluent piece as I can see all the aspects together without having to actually spend time in the software and really get a good, solid idea of what they will all look like together; thus helping me create a very cohesive and whole product.

The feedback on the presentation were nothing but complimentary. The style in which I presented and justified my decisions were some of the uppermost points that were highlighted. The class all seemed to like my designs and the direction I was headed. No one really had a bad word to say about the art work or design choices. The typographical elements were well received also which is good as it was one of the major points that I focussed on. I do recognise that it is hard to critique a design that is only barely existent and so I am still having to work hard. The typographical element was the only thing that I have put a decent amount of time into in terms of the final product and the fact that everyone seemed to like it is pretty encouraging. However, I need to create pretty much everything else from scratch and I need to ensure that I stick to the proposed route and fulfil the potential that my designs have shown.

All in all this pitch served me well to really solidify where I am heading with this project and helped confirm that my designs do indeed fit the brief and the themes of the book.

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