Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Poster Submission

I had forgot earlier to show the poster that I had designed for the show, I only showed the original concept. Well here it is:

As you can see it is very similar to the original concept. I like the dots and the sparseness present in the design and I wanted to keep that however, I felt as though just the dots was just a tad under doing it. So I found an effect within Illustrator called "Pointalize". This effect takes colours and turned them into little points of colour. It will blend different shades of that colour along with white space to create an overall shade and the end result is very pleasing. 

The shape and idea came about through various attempts of trial and error in the early brainstorming process. I then discovered and employed the new found filter to add some polish and I am very pleased with the outcome. Again this design wasn't chosen but it was one of the finalists and was praised by a few of my classmates. I am happy with it and it was good practice. It was an attempt at a messy, unkempt image and I think it went quite well.

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