Saturday, 14 June 2014

Finished Showreel

I have now finished the showreel for the Dots Per Inch show. It was challenging because of the somewhat off kilter and hard to read bead and tempo that the song had. I found it more difficult than say a rock or dub step song where there is a predictable, consistent beat to edit to. The mood of the music was also quite vague and difficult to match however, I think that I managed it and I am pleased with the results so without further ado, this is the finished showreel:

As you can see when compared to the original draft I uploaded a few posts ago, it is a lot tighter and fits in more with the song. I have also taken out duplicate students pieces and added in more variety. No ones work is shown more than once and a wider variety of students are present in the reel.

I am really happy with how it all came together. I think that stings and titles work really eel to bookend the piece and they work really eel with the chosen song. They are somewhat understated and unique. I also like the change in pace and intensity when the drums kick in. The reel really kicks up a gear and starts to gain momentum. I like my edit of the music track itself too. There is a cut in the track on one of the drum beats that shortens it drastically and skips out a few bars. It is undetectable yet does a lot of make the piece flow better. I think it was an important move. There are also a lot of subtle timing changes by adding freeze frames and subtly speeding pieces up. These two are undetectable and add a lot of weight and professionalism to the piece as a whole I think.

Overall, once again I am very happy with the final product. I saw it as quite a challenge as all the work was extremely varied in length, quality and tone yet I think I managed to combine them all together quite well in a sleek little introduction that ties into the core themes and ideas of the show and represents everyone involved fairly.

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