Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dots Per Inch Showreel

All of the FDA students have a shared FaceBook page where we can chat and organise various things. It's really handy for communicating on these shared projects when we are only in University twice a week. I was able to utilise it recently for the showreel to make a crucial decision. What music track we wanted to use. 

When working on a showreel I like to have the music already in place and cut together. For me it is the only way to work. You can see where all the beats, and as a result cuts, will be and get a feel for the tone, pace and mood of the song and as a result showreel. You can see when important moments should occur and when shifts in tone should take place. 

This makes getting a good track that fits roughly an overall tone that the work echoes important. This in turn made the task itself very difficult. There was such a wide variety of work to cut together it was difficult to find a song broad enough to cover it all yet consistent and engaging enough to hold interest and hopefully do the work justice. However, I found a few that I liked and pitched my favourite one to the group. They all said they liked it and I felt happy with it so I proceeded with that song. The song was "A Walk" by Tycho:

I love this song. It is calm and spacious. It seems like it should be simple and plain yet there is quite a complicated rhythm and almost off-putting structure to it. It makes it interesting to listen to and just gives it something more. It is more complex and layered because of it. I liked that about it. It stood out for that reason and would suit the work perfectly.

So, with the song picked out, the stings created and the work collated I got to work on creating the showreel. It took me a while to get my head around the timing of the song because of the aforementioned beat irregularity but after a bit of tinkering I got it to a stage where I felt ready to share it to receive feedback from the group. Here is the first draft:

Now this is unfinished. It is just to see what everyone thought about the song choice with the work and the overall pacing/stings. So I posted it to our FaceBook page to get some feedback on it:

It seems to have been well received however, there was some confusion over the purpose of this showreel. This is a tighter cut of everyone's work culminated together and cut to music. Rob is creating the full showreel with everyones work in full.

There were some helpful suggestions though and I will get working on them imminently.

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